Winter time can mean a lot of fun activities for the whole family, which can result in an increased amount of travel. While we all would like to believe we have impeccable driving skills, the reality is the risks of the road are increased for every driver in the winter. When you have small children, your awareness of these risks is even higher. Don’t worry! Here are a few winter driving safety tips to make sure your whole family arrives to every destination safely this winter.

Your Snowmobile
While you may not actually have a snowmobile at home, you can make sure your vehicle is so equipped for a storm that it might as well be! Check to make sure the anti-freeze fluid is full and ready to be used if necessary. Make sure you’ve changed your tires to snow tires, or have added snow chains if you live in an area that experiences regular snow storms. Also, always check your tailpipe before every use of your vehicle to ensure it isn’t blocked with snow!

Take your time
You should always abide by the speed limit laws posted on the roads, but these speed limits are “conditions permitting.” When the roads are a bit harder to navigate, give yourself the time you need to arrive safely. A good winter rule of thumb is to give yourself at least ten extra minutes to get somewhere, so you don’t feel the pressure of the clock and can take your time getting to your destination.

Necessities? Check!
You never know what could happen when you’re out on the road in winter conditions, so it’s best to be prepared for anything. Always travel with water, food, and an extra blanket or two in case you break down. And, of course, it’s a good idea to have some distractions for your little ones as well. That could mean bringing along a few of their favorite books or a favorite toy.

Fasten your seat belts
We know this isn’t winter weather specific, but it is SO imperative we had to include it. Making sure that every passenger is fastened into their seat can greatly reduce the risk of injury should you get into an accident or hit a patch of ice on the road. The same goes for children in car seats. Though you may have fastened all the straps, take the time to make sure the car seat is placed properly and securely into its holster. One of the best ways to be sure that you’ve installed your car seat properly is to visit a car seat check station! Check your local area for these popular services, which are typically free.

With these tips in mind, you are ready to hit the road for all of the snowy adventures your family has planned!