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Does your local store offer Safe-Dock? Use our store locator to find out.

Safe-Dock and You

Find Safe-Dock in Your Neighborhood

Does your Local Retailer Offer Safe-Dock?

Many parents don’t realize the danger in balancing infant carriers on top of shopping carts: nearly 24,000 children are in accidents involving shopping carts each year. At Safe-Strap, we’re committed to educating parents about this danger and promoting shopping cart safety…and we need your help!

Use our store locater to determine if your favorite retailers offer Safe-Dock to make the shopping experience simpler and more convenient for parents and caretakers. If your store doesn’t currently have Safe-Dock, send us an email through the locater explaining why you think they should install the docking stations and we’ll make sure they see it.

Feedback in numbers is powerful. Stores that receive enough requests will invest in equipping their carts with Safe-Dock.