Instances of infant carrier-related injuries have increased in recent years. There are about 1,000 injuries annually now, and last year, a child was killed in a Georgia supermarket, which propelled more attention around the issue. Infant carrier materials warn against using the carriers on elevated surfaces, but not all of the materials address shopping carts; even when there are warnings, consumers don’t always read them or mistakenly believe that that practice of putting a car seat on a shopping cart is safe.

What can be done to keep baby safe and be able to shop for all that you need?

Some say use a sling carrier. This keeps baby close and snug.

Another option is the Safe-Dock, a docking station offered by many stores. This docking stations is permanently attached to the shopping cart, has been tested on all major models of shopping carts in use by the largest retailers, and let’s your little one go from car to cart without waking up.

Either way you shop, always stay with your baby.