Adding a new member to your family is one of the most exciting times of your life, but experienced moms know preparing can also be extremely stressful. Getting the house ready to bring home a newborn is a process, of course, but taking it step by step can help ensure your house is safe for your new arrival. Check out these tips to safety proof your house for baby.

  1. Take it one room at a time

Trying to safety proof your entire home in one day would be an impossible feat even for the quickest worker. Give yourself adequate time before your little one arrives to check each room thoroughly. Every room can present new hazards, so it’s critical you take your time exploring potential dangers before you bring your little one home. Pro tip: start with the rooms you know your baby will frequent for rest and play! This will help you feel confident your environment is safe for baby to explore.

  1. Make a safety checklist

With a whole house to prepare, remembering every tiny detail is difficult. By writing out a checklist, you can remember what you need to do, mark what you’ve already done and prepare for what is still left to accomplish. Luckily, the internet has many checklists that outline the specific areas and items that need to be addressed before you bring baby home.

  1. Shop for baby proof essentials

Certain areas of your home will require special child proof products, such as covers for any electrical outlets and padding to cover any sharp edges, like the side of a fireplace. By stocking up on these items and ensuring they are properly installed before you bring baby home, you will have one less thing to worry about.

Nothing is more important than making sure your baby is safe always. Trust me, when you bring your baby home you will be glad you took the time to prepare your rooms from top to bottom before your little one arrived!